Andy and Steve built PYP on working face to face with clients and whilst it is not always possible to get face to face, the guys have been just as successful working with clients over video link.

Working directly with Andy and Steve allows a deeper understanding of your requirements and a more personal engagement to be tailored totally to your individual needs, bringing even greater value and swifter benefit.

A typical 1 to 1 engagement will involve an initial assessment and scoping discussion that will enable advice, guidance and activity to be explained and initial questions answered.

This will be followed by three hours of coaching to address development areas to provide greatest benefit while at the same time also build on strengths.

The Triangle of Potential

By focusing on three core areas Communication Skills, Personal Branding and Personal Development PYP help the people and businesses we work with build the confidence and self belief to face their Challenges, pursue Opportunities and Grow.

Whilst these are distinct independent areas that can be worked on, they are all inter related and connected to each other. You cannot have a great brand if you cannot communicate it, there is no benefit of being a great communicator unless you have something to say and there is also no value to having both these things, if you are unable to land your message to your world and chosen audience.

The “Triangle of Potential” is the area where these three areas overlap and the area where the powerful combination, comes together to truly realise the individual or business potential.


Why are people not
hearing your message?


What do you want
people to think of you?


How broad a view of the
world do you have?

Andy Rivers Powering Your Potential
Steve Doyle Powering Your Potential

We Are

PYP was founded by Steve and Andy who are passionate about all individuals recognising and reaching their potential. 

It is their belief that leveling up in this way creates ripples across all of society resulting in a more fulfilled community.     


Giving you the power to reach your potential.

More about Steve

By Andy

I have known Steve for over 15 years, and I can honestly say he has been an inspiration to me! This same inspiring first impression has continued throughout our business ventures. He is and has always been someone who cares about others.

Steve has told me on several occasions, he is an employer’s worst nightmare, his vision and foresight are so far in the future, others cannot see what he has the ability to see! He is a businessman through and through. Someone who understands the numbers and loves a spread sheet. Steve has worked for over 30 years within the global financial world and has managed, lead, mentored and developed people throughout his career. He has the natural ability to create an environment where drive and success are a by-product of hard work and commitment. Steve is all about value and the value you as an individual can offer. By helping others understand the value they offer and then explaining why people buy, it provides individuals with the skills to articulate their value and how sell themselves in any given situation.

Steve has a unique ability to think big, well actually massive, and then draw it right back into the detail. A skill I have never witnessed throughout my working life in public service or business. Having seen the big picture (blue sky thinking), he then quickly drills down to the finer detail and articulates the steps required to work towards the end goal. This unique ability creates excitement in others and belief that anything is possible!

Steve and I are at totally different ends of the spectrum when it comes to our thinking and strategy. You may think that this doesn’t work, but the old saying, opposite attracts are so true when it comes to our working relationship, although he can be annoying and demanding at times!

Steve Doyle Powering Your Potential

An Introduction
to Steve

In the spirit of Powering your Potential Andy and Steve decided to talk about each other rather than themselves. Here is what Andy had to say about Steve.

More about Andy

By Steve

Andy has a skill set that is rare and potentially unique. His years of experience in law enforcement have enabled him to hone his ability to read and communicate with people in a way that I, for one, have never seen before.  It has also been allowed to develop without the need for corporate conformity.

As a trained terrorist, hostage and crisis negotiator he has the ability to operate under the highest-pressure situations, seeing different perspectives, while co-ordinating and focusing on all aspects necessary to achieving the objective. Something that is invaluable in either individual or corporate situations.

His ability to build a connection, engagement and rapport can be unbelievable to behold. The real skill is however not just in being able to do it but in being able to help others learn and develop their skills to do the same.

If you bring these capabilities to bear alongside a burning desire to help people and be all about others rather than himself, it is a powerful combination. The impact Andy has and the value he brings is however difficult to quantify, it cannot be measured in revenue or profit it is measured in communication, human behaviour, teamworking and emotional intelligence. All the things that make both individuals and businesses successful.

Like the wind you see and feel its effects but at the same time it is invisible. It is worth its weight but can never directly translate into gold. People who work with Andy learn things that simply make them better people, whatever they go on to do!

Andy’s strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. Our different approaches, views and styles are why we work so well together and also sometimes drive each other mad!

Andy Rivers Powering Your Potential

An Introduction
to Andy

In the spirit of Powering your Potential Andy and Steve decided to talk about each other rather than themselves. Here is what Steve had to say about Andy.