PYP was founded in 2021 by Steve and Andy who have worked together since 2015. Their focus has always been helping others reach their goals but it wasn’t until 2021 that the vision and mission behind Powering Your Potential truly came together. 

One thing is and always has been clear, the impact that their work has on individuals is profound, not just for them but their families, friends and wider community. This impact is why PYP do what they do. The challenge (or opportunity) was how could they help more people when there are only two of them?

After many discussions, strategy sessions and conversations over the breakfast bar, their vision was formed:

  • To help you go further faster so you can reach your potential.
  • And the mission then became clear…
  • To create an online platform that is accessible for all to enable development in three key areas: personal branding, personal development and communication.
  • If we all focused a little bit more on what we want to achieve, and with a little help from PYP, we can break it down into manageable steps. 
  • The work that they do, the ripples that they create can now reach the world, it is their hope that this impact will be felt throughout the global economy too. 
PYP work with a number of specialists as part of their team, meet them below. 


Making a difference to others 
First impressions count and we want all of our work to make a difference to those that come into contact with PYP, whether that be face to face, on a webinar, at a live event, or from the comfort of your own home working through one of our courses. 

Supporting and encouraging others 
We are in your corner, supporting what you want to achieve.

Showing kindness  
This is why you will see so much of our content freely available on our website.

More about Andy

Andy has a skill set that is rare and potentially unique. His years of experience in law enforcement have enabled him to hone his ability to read and communicate with people in a way that I, for one, have never seen before.  

As a trained terrorist, hostage and crisis negotiator he has the ability to operate under the highest-pressure situations, seeing different perspectives, while co-ordinating and focusing on all aspects necessary to achieving the objective. Something that is invaluable in either individual or corporate situations.

His ability to build a connection, engagement and rapport can be unbelievable to behold. The real skill is however not just in being able to do it but in being able to help others learn and develop their skills to do the same.


Andy Rivers Powering Your Potential

An Introduction

to Andy

In the spirit of Powering your Potential Andy and Steve decided to talk about each other rather than themselves. Here is what Steve had to say about Andy. 

Steve Doyle Powering Your Potential

More about Steve

I have known Steve for over 15 years, and I can honestly say he has been an inspiration to me! This same inspiring first impression has continued throughout our business ventures. He is and has always been someone who cares about others.


Steve has told me on several occasions, he is an employer’s worst nightmare, his vision and foresight are so far in the future, others cannot see what he has the ability to see!

Steve has a unique ability to think big, well actually massive, and then draw it right back into the detail. A skill I have never witnessed throughout my working life in public service or business. Having seen the big picture (blue sky thinking), he then quickly drills down to the finer detail and articulates the steps required to work towards the end goal. This unique ability creates excitement in others and belief that anything is possible!

An Introduction

to Steve

In the spirit of Powering your Potential Andy and Steve decided to talk about each other rather than themselves. Here is what Andy had to say about Steve.

Giving you the power to reach your potential.

Meet Nicole

Nicole’s unique ability to think laterally, connect with individuals on a deep level and commercial mind makes her a huge asset to the PYP team. Aligned in our values to make a difference, Nicole brings energy, enthusiasm and creativity to our team. 

With 12 years of ascending the ranks within ITV’s commercial team, Nicole has honed her experience by collaborating with a diverse range of brands, both prominent household names and emerging at an executive level. Nicole is committed to delivering exceptional value and invests her full dedication and creativity into maximising the potential of each business and individual she engages with. Her approach is characterised by a unique blend of artistic vision and commercial acumen. 

With a proven track record of leadership, Nicole has guided sales and marketing teams to successfully execute campaigns, manage relationships and achieve ambitious sales targets. Her strategic direction and hands-on approach have been instrumental in consistently delivering over £40 million in annual revenue. She has worked with PYP since 2021.