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These case studies come from people at different stages in their journey, people whose blocks and concerns were different but who were all hoping to reach their full potential. We helped each one to see real change in their life – and we could help you too.

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Meet Ollie

“Those who have watched Extreme makeover will be familiar with the process; taking a tired and run-down property in need of some TLC and transforming it into something unrecognisable. Well, this metaphor perfectly summarises the extent of the personal transformation this program has brought out in me.” Having graduated at the top of his year with a first-class degree, Ollie was bitter and frustrated as his CV was rejected through one application after another. Ollie had believed that working hard for his degree would launch him straight into a dream career despite not really knowing what that looked like. Instead, he spent two years working in the same minimum wage job as he had done before he’d graduated, feeling lost and unfulfilled. Working with Andy, Ollie adapted his CV and cover letter to stand out and explored his interests to identify opportunities for potential careers. Having created a clearer picture of what he actually wanted out of a role, interview coaching was the next step to help Ollie in his career development – giving feedback, he says:

“The main and perhaps most-valuable thing Andy has instilled in me through this process is self-belief. I am now heading into interviews with a level of confidence I didn’t know I had, and a new-found ability to talk, rather than crumble on difficult interview questions. He has made me realise that, actually, I have a plethora of relevant experience to draw upon and clear, adaptable examples to bring forwards which I am now using frequently. I am now going into an interview with a smile on my face rather than a mumbling mess. Most importantly, I’m applying for jobs I had previously written myself off for and consistently getting through to interview stages… I can’t thank you enough Andy!”

Meet Alex

Having graduated through the Civil Service Fast Stream, Alex spent nine years building a successful career. Reaching a point where his next stage was working within central government in Whitehall, an opportunity arose to apply for a senior position which Alex wasn’t confident to approach. He spoke to Andy and undertook interview coaching; together they explored Alex’s answers providing notes he was comfortable with and advice on how to handle the interview. Alex was pleased with the outcome from this application, knowing he performed better than previously expected and gained skills which have continued to be useful in his career. Alex gave us this feedback on the personal development support he received:

“I have continued to apply the teachings Andy gave me in other areas of work and it has improved my confidence, my public speaking skills and my interview techniques – as a panel member and as an interviewee. I would recommend working with Andy to anybody who is serious about building their careers, answering competency-based questions or simply thinking strategically about goals and aspirations. Andy comes highly recommended and has been extremely beneficial to my personal development in the past six months.”

Meet Jess

Jess approached Andy and Steve following the decision to change direction in her career. Having received an invitation to interview for a sales position, she felt unsure and lacking in confidence believing her skills and qualifications wouldn’t be judged enough for this new role. Meeting Andy and Steve a few days before her interview Jess said, “they had a lot of knowledge to share and were bursting with enthusiasm; I was excited just listening to them.” Andy and Steve provided some tips to take control of the interview as well as useful communication techniques which left Jess feeling confident and excited for her interview. The interview itself started positively, with Jess able to answer the first questions confidently, she was thrilled to be told by the interviewers how impressed they were “from thereon in it felt as though they were trying to sell their company to impress me.” That same day, Jess was told she would be invited to interview with the managing director, an interview where she was greeted with the words “Congratulations, you’ve got the job.” Jess goes on to say:

“[Steve and Andy] left me feeling extremely confident and excited for my interview, I recommend them for anyone who is nervous/lacking confidence/ a bit rusty on interviews/ changing career path. I start my new job next week!”

Meet Nathan

Nathan had always considered himself good at his job but felt unable to progress through interviews. He continually made it to the last stage of an application process, failing at the interview – or board – stage, lacking in confidence and feeling unable to sell himself. This led Nathan to explore personal development support and interview coaching to progress his career. Following two individual sessions with Andy and Steve, they considered the structure of interviews, explaining what Nathan needed to convey and how he could build his answers for the panel. These sessions were instrumental in raising Nathan’s confidence to handle interview questions. Nathan says:

“Where in the past I was really nervous and dreading the interview, I was actually looking forward to my next one. The feedback I was given following my board interview was very positive and I was offered a position higher than the one that I was actually being interviewed for. I have already recommended [PYP] to friends and colleagues who are looking to progress in their careers as [their] positivity and enthusiasm to get you through is infectious. Many thanks Andy and Steve.”

Meet Tim

Having applied for a management position at Harrods, Tim was struggling to get to the heart of the job description and demonstrate the suitability of his own experience. Dissecting it thoroughly, Andy and Steve helped Tim find evidence supporting each of the key areas required on this description – an approach which raised his confidence and self-belief massively as it became clear he could fulfil the role. The next step was interview coaching and reviewing possible questions, Steve and Andy guided Tim’s answers helping him explore his experiences to provide genuine answers which really resonated. Tim says:  

“Their infectious enthusiasm, professionalism and people skills will be a massive help to anyone wishing to enhance their career prospects… I am now looking forward to starting my new job thanks in no small part to Andy and Steve.”

Meet Thomas

Thomas met Andy and Steve through an interview coaching and personal development programme at school. They provided group sessions covering interview skills and preparation for the working world, however the most beneficial element to Thomas was the individual support offered. Here’s his feedback:

“… they went far above and beyond. This is exemplified in their devotion of numerous hours to one-to-one interview preparation for numerous competitive UK universities, which I found to be invaluable in subsequently attaining multiple offers.”

Meet Tony

Having reached the assessment stage of the police application process, Tony approached Andy and Steve for help. Knowing how important it was to be clear in how he identified his core competencies, Tony was pleased that the guidance he received for presenting his experience at interview gave him much more confidence within the room. Here is Tony’s feedback:

“I was shown interview techniques that allowed me to build a connection with my interviewer. They gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my answers which led me to make my dream of becoming a police officer a reality. Thank you, Andy and Steve.”

Meet Kitty

Having experienced training with Powering Your Potential, Kitty was so pleased to get her “perfect job”. She says:

“They really help bring out your confidence and be able to channel your inner self. The training they offer is incredible and you can use it throughout any job application process. Truly an investment for yourself, I am now set for any future interviews with everything they have taught me.”

Meet Wayne

Wayne had worked in the public sector for over 25 years, comfortable in a senior management role managing several hundred staff and handling a great deal of responsibility. When he was approached by a company within the private sector, Wayne felt overwhelmed and daunted, unsure how his own experience would fit the role identified. Personal development support from Steve and Andy gave Wayne the confidence to take this big step – showing him how his skills transferred to the new role and would benefit the company interested in him. Not only did this work increase Wayne’s confidence in this opportunity, it continued to aid him as he started in the role, including building new contacts within his network. Wayne gave this feedback:

“Engaging the services of Andy and Steve proved invaluable. They enabled me to understand my true value and accept my full potential… I cannot stress or praise highly enough the assistance, support and encouragement that they gave to me.”

Meet Cal

Facing his policing application, Cal engaged the help of Andy and Steve to support him. The two gave Cal individual tuition through each stage of the process, with personal development support tailored for his style of learning with flexibility around when and how the sessions were run. Successfully completing the application, Cal reflected he received the right level of guidance, saying:

“To anybody that’s considering whether to invest in Andy and Steve’s services… DO IT! Invest in your future career… I couldn’t have done it without you guys, I’m glad I’ve made it through the process with your help and I’m forever grateful.”

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