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Welcome to our free resources section, we have curated content that we know works with individuals.

This is your opportunity to have a play and perhaps learn something new about yourself.

This is your opportunity to have a play and perhaps learn something new about yourself. There are seven exercises below to support you on your journey, each one includes, text, print outs and an audio bite so we can tailor to your learning style. Hear their voices talk through each exercise, spurring you on as you go. 

The Value Of Interests And Hobbies

Many of us struggle when it comes to the interests and hobbies section of a CV or Interview, but your answers could enable you to stand out from the other candidates.

5 Words To Describe You

At PYP we soon developed this question and started using it as an exercise with clients as it gets you to think about yourself, gives you some insight into your personality and an awareness of your personal brand. 

5 Years From Now

Setting goals can have many benefits, such as providing motivation, guiding your focus, establishing accountability and giving you control of your future.

Balancing Risk & Reward

We know that risk taking can be daunting because as humans, we want to be in control at all times. However cliche it sounds, you never know until you try has a strong meaning behind it.

Dealing With A Competitive World

Your journey is your journey and you are headed to a different destination. Just know, it isn’t random, if you invest time in yourself and your development you will get as far as you can as quickly as possible.

Develop Your Skills

If there is something new you want to try, go do it! Personal development is always a positive. Keeping the mind active and working will not only be beneficial to your mental health but could also help you unlock your potential or the hidden talent of a chosen skill or hobby.

So what can you tell me Ben

Ben has to explain, what makes him special, what life experience separates him from all the rest?

How was he going to differentiate himself and standout from what was clearly already a standout crowd!

Personal Development Questionnaire - Benchmark Your Skills

By completing this initial questionnaire, you will have a better understanding of your knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses and where you need to focus your personal development. the areas that are going to be covered during your discussions.

It is then, key, that you start and continue to practice and hone your skills in all the areas covered. Turning the knowledge you have been given into skills that you can use is a vital part of you achieving your success. Finally once you have done this you need to ensure that the actions and activities you begin to exhibit naturally become part of your demonstrated behaviours.

By following this knowledge, skills and behaviours learning process it will further enable you to quickly progress towards your goals.

Giving you the power to reach your potential.