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Our material and content are specifically designed and delivered to provide you with the best possible advantage in realising your dream career or advancing in your chosen career path. We are adding material on a weekly basis, please come back regularly and check out our new content. Not ready to join yet? No problem! Have a look at some taster content for free here!


Free Material

By simply joining our community, you can access some taster material from many of the course modules so you can try out the programme.


As a member we ensure you are kept up to date with the latest content added to the website. You will receive automated emails each time we release new material.


We have a system in place to allow groups of people such as employability partners or corporates to access our course modules. Speak to us today for more information.

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Why Choose Us?

The Powering Your Potential Programme is focused on significantly developing employability skills and improving interview success. The programme has been highly successful in helping candidates seek new jobs.

The programme has seen all participants develop their skills, confidence and self-belief. Full of practical advice you can easily adopt and put into practice to really improve your skills  when both preparing for an interview and being  ‘in the room’.

By enhancing your skills and insight you will develop the confidence to secure the job that you desire using the skills, qualifications, interests and experiences you have. 

Other Powering Your Potential programmes, coming soon, include Leadership and our Challenge Opportunity Growth or COG Model. These will be available at a discounted price for existing members.

Courses devised by industry leaders

Our content has been curated by experts who have varied and combined experience of over 60 years which has been spent communicating under pressure, selling and understanding why people buy, developing people, helping them progress and be successful.

Learning Online at Your Own Pace

We have created and developed wide ranging content across video, podcasts, slide shows and written material to assist you in being successful and achieving your goals. The different modules allow you focus on your specific development areas such as personal branding, communication and interview success.

Invest In Yourself

Plain and simply developing a better version of you enables you to secure a better opportunity and increased financial reward as a result. Developing yourself in terms of time and effort combined with being a member of the Powering Your Potential community will provide a significant return on your investment year on year.

One To One Coaching

If you have specific requirements and require a one to one coach to get you towards your desired career goal, speak to us for more information. Contact us here for more information as we will be doing workshops soon via Zoom. Additional costs apply.

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