You grow your
people and your
people grow your

Working on the premise that you grow your people and your people grow your business, Powering Your Potential uses the same methodology with our corporate clients as it does individuals. With the same outstanding results!

Placing a corporate objective such as sales growth, increased client engagement or strategic change at the heart of the Triangle of Potential enables you to align the communication, branding and development of the business and individuals within it to this objective.

What you have been doing has got you where you are so it is going to
take something different to get you to the next level. Setting a SMART set of objectives, supported by a strategy to achieve them is all part of the process. Aligning your team’s and their behaviour to this objective brings a focus and intensity to your activity and the development activity required.

Powering Your Potential has helped many businesses capitalise on opportunities or navigate through hard times.

When PYP first started with this company, they had a problem with low morale and underperformance. Using the PYP methodology and focusing on the three core areas, PYP managed to turn the company around in just four months!

After working with PYP, the company ended up seeing record sales, profits, an increase in talent attraction, and vastly improved internal communication, easing internal processes and making the company run a lot more smoothly.

Not only that, but individuals also found themselves more inspired, motivated, trusted, and empowered within their role.

If your business and people are capable of more, then PYP can help.

Powering Your Potential used their methods to help improve both employee and customer engagement.

Using the same resources, knowledge and process that we use with all our clients, we set out to improve the communication skills of a clients implementation and support teams, while providing a clear message around the value they bring as a business.

In just two weeks, PYP created a team that clearly understood the value of the business and its processes in a way that they could easily articulate. This led to an improved client experience, greater staff engagement and retention levels.

On a more personal level, this resulted in an increase in self belief and confidence amongst the participating staff. 


Ollie was two years out of university. Having graduated top of his year he had believed he’d walk straight into a dream job; instead – working in the same minimum wage job he had as a student – he was unable to even get an interview.

“The main and perhaps most valuable thing Andy has instilled in me through this process is self-belief. I am now heading into interviews with a level of confidence I didn’t know I had, and a new-found ability to talk, rather than crumble on difficult interview questions…”

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Together we’ll explore your current skills, your personality and your motivations allowing you to discover your next steps and gain confidence in yourself.

Yes, we can give you interview skills, CV writing help and employability techniques, but more important than any of that – we’ll help you find your self-belief. This isn’t just about getting your resume at the top of the pile or you through the door, this is about giving you a true understanding of your own worth so those you meet will listen and engage – getting you the results you deserve.

Giving you the power to reach your potential.