Balancing Risk & Reward

Here at Powering your Potential, we like to abide by the phrase 'Risk is always better than regret'.

We know that risk taking can be daunting because as humans, we want to be in control at all times. However cliche it sounds, you never know until you try has a strong meaning behind it.

If nobody ever took a risk people would never have moved forward. There would be no innovation and no progression. On the other side of the risk coin is reward and there can be plenty of that for people who are brave and take considered risks.

“What happens if we win?!” is a question we get asked a lot by people who are looking to grow their revenue line. They know they will have to deal with other issues such as more staff, bigger premises, different customers and the challenges they bring.

It is the same with going for a new job, people ask us “can I do that?!” The simple answer is that you will never know until you try! You don’t have to know how to do everything it entails to the absolute best. You have to have the capability to perform as expected and grow into the role and make it your own.

Don’t let worrying about the positive aspects of risk taking hold you back, you can deal with those. Taking a risk is also however not about betting everything on black but pushing yourself to go for it a little and prove you are capable of more. Living in regret can be more harmful than failure, so take those risks! You never know where it could lead you to…


Think of a time when you took a risk or pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and it paid off.

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