Dealing With a Competitive World

"How old", "how much", "they have", "my friends went to". These are all the start of comments we regularly get from people we work with as they look to benchmark themselves against where they think they should be in their life.

With little consideration for the balance or sacrifices anyone including themselves, has had to make.

Within the competitive world in which we live, it can be incredibly easy to compare yourself to others and the progress or success they are making. Although we know it’s easier said than done to ignore others and focus on yourself, it is the best thing you can do to ensure you maintain your own happiness.

We often talk about the arcade game where you drop a coin in to pick the colour of a horse which
then races randomly against the others. If you have ever played you will know, it is very rarely the one
in the early lead in that wins.

Your journey is your journey and you are headed to a different destination. Just know, it isn’t random, if
you invest time in yourself and your development you will get as far as you can as quickly as possible.
You’re on your own individual journey to success, don’t forget that!


Look at yourself with a fresh perspective and list five things that you have achieved that you should be really proud of.

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