The Value of Interests & Hobbies

Many of us struggle when it comes to the interests and hobbies section of a CV or Interview, but your answers could enable you to stand out from the other candidates.

Powering Your Potential often find that people we work with, initially struggle to connect the skills and experience they have developed in their personal lives to bring value to their career.

When answering, we advise that you note how your hobbies have led to personal development – such as reading boosting your vocabulary or knowledge, or sports improving your teamwork capabilities.

We were working with a group of candidates on a leadership development programme and talking about their leadership experience. One stated almost apologetically that she had no leadership experience at all but then later in the day went on to explain that each weekend as a hobby she was captain of a ship that gave people an introduction to sailing.

It quickly became clear that this lady had a wealth of leadership skills and experience that had never been connected to her work life. Understanding what you already know and the value it can bring can ensure that your answer stands out to an employer.


Make a short list of the interests or hobbies you have outside of work and the skills and experience you have gained as a result. Then look to write some descriptions of how these skills or experiences have helped you in your work life.

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