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Invest in Yourself For Greater Return

We understand that sometimes it can feel like we are far too busy to invest time into our personal development. However, personal development can still be achieved without stealing large chunks of your day.

It often draws moans when PYP is working with a group and we suggest that someone sets their alarm fifteen minutes earlier in a morning and they then spend that time to do something focused on their personal development.

Personal development shouldn’t be difficult it is all about marginal gains. Simply constructing a prioritised to do list will quickly increase your effectiveness, gaining you that time and more back, throughout the rest of the day.

You could look to add a number of relevant people on LinkedIn each week, read the statement from the Chair of a client, prospect, potential employer or even your own employer, you would be surprised how many people don’t do that and know little about the long term direction of the business they work for!

Politicians are always asked, how much is a pint of milk, or the cost of a stamp yet often they are caught out. Think how easy it is for them to increase their popularity and connection with the people by simply knowing something, they could easily know. Imagine being the one in the room that just knows “stuff”, what would it do to your ability to communicate with knowledge and confidence, how it could help your personal brand and how people view you.

As highlighted by the PYP methodology, these three areas are connected and overlapping.

For example, a few weeks ago I was in a discussion regarding the time difference between the UK and Saudi Arabia, I said it was two hours and the rest of the group said it was four. I categorically knew it to be two, as only earlier that week I had looked it up. Andy and I had a Zoom call with someone while they were at an airport in Saudi. I had looked it up, because I thought it was four!

If you like to catch up with the news then, take a few minutes to dig a little further behind the story, understand not just what is happening but why. Knowing something you never use is much better than not knowing something you need or could use. You will be surprised how often your new piece of knowledge becomes relevant, like the time difference.

In another example, we were working with the board of a client on their recruitment processes on the day the UK Government released a report on employment challenges. A timely review of the report summary provided insight that helped both us and the client. Again our personal development activity facilitated improved communication and as a result a positive view of our brand.

PYP recommend spending at least 30 minutes per day on personal development, whether that be extending your knowledge by reading an article, learning new skills or taking an online course.

Investing time in developing yourself will never be wasted so we encourage you to carve out that time each day to achieve those marginal gains. If you are struggling for a place to start try the other blog posts or free resources on the PYP website.