Communication is a Skill

Having the ability to communicate well is a trait that should be treasured dearly. Although it may not seem like it, communication is one of the most important and effective life skills that someone could have.

Communication will help you build rapport with those around you, take your knowledge further and can even help facilitate innovative ideas. Always keep communication in mind and you will move mountains.

It is important to understand that communication is a skill which means it can therefore be learned and practised. At Powering Your Potential we are very different in our communication methods but are both skilled in the art.

Everyone will have their own style, which reflect their personality and confidence all of which will be developed alongside their communication skills development.

Andy is a communication specialist and as a result a truly amazing communicator, demonstrating his skills everyday with all the people he comes into contact with. His ability to build rapport, read people and what they are truly saying, not just the words they speak, is amazing to watch.

What is more valuable however is that he is able to communicate his skills to others in a way that allows them to both understand and therefore develop their own communication skills. This also helps them develop greater self awareness and an understanding of their impact on others.

Steve, whilst also skilled, is more succinct in his communication focusing on the communication of a message and objective while at the same time focusing on engagement and rapport with the people he is communicating with.


A nice easy one, engage and speak to someone that you wouldn’t normally speak to in your day to day activity. Not a complete stranger but someone at work, in the supermarket, the bus driver etc. Think about what you want to say or ask and then see where it takes you!

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