The Pick and Mix of Development Needs

Everyone has to start somewhere, so why do we all constantly scrutinise ourselves when we don't have all the required skills or traits for a certain profession or career? Don't beat yourself up!

Knowing your current position and skill set is the perfect way of knowing where you need to improve, develop, and adapt moving forward. That is the purpose of the PYP Self Assessment Questionnaire, which will provide some tacit learning just as a result of completing it.

Our simple self awareness and assessment processes continually helps people to identify the areas where they need to start their journey enabling them to focus where they can best invest their time, effort, and energy in starting the process of simply being better tomorrow than they are today. Not perfect, just better.

Regardless of what they have achieved, everyone we work with at Powering Your Potential has development needs, and they represent a completely different mix in one or more of the many areas we focus on. Everyone has hidden fears around their own ability and performance. They can also lack the desire to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. The increased confidence and self belief that comes from each progressive steps underpins the development of your skills.

Remember, nobody is born with a full set of skills, but with the right motivation, dedication, coaching, and development, we all have the potential to get where we want to be. here at Powering Your Potential, our method is designed to ensure that you are aware of your strongest traits whilst also highlighting your points for development, alongside both encouragement and guidance, ensuring you get to where you want to be.

At the same time, we are that everyone we work with also develops us in some way. At PYP we are constantly developing peoples skills, including our own, because nobody is equipped for our ever changing environment. Interaction and engagement with others is an essential part of your own development, so put yourself out there, engage with others, and see where it takes you.

Tactic learning and knowledge refers to the knowledge, skills, and abilities an individual gains through eperience that is often difficult to put into words or otherwise communicate.


Take our Self Assessment Questionnaire and find out which areas require the most development.

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