Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an essential skill which is being more frequently assessed during the application and interview process.

It is also a “need to have” skill for future leaders and professionals. According to the World Economic Forum EQ was one of the top skills assessed for in 2020. A number of recruiting and promotion surveys have been conducted and the results show that a massive 75% of organisations are more likely to promote an Emotionally Intelligent individual.

Daniel Goleman a lead in Emotional Intelligence created 5 different competencies:

Self-Awareness–The ability to truly know ourselves and identify the feelings or emotions we have in the moment.

Self-Regulation–The ability to understand your emotions and be able to influence and control them so that they help you rather than hinder you when completing an activity, task, or project.

Motivation–Also could be referred to as self-motivation. It includes our personal drive to improve ourselves or achieve and commit to our goals or being ready to act on opportunities as well as optimism and resilience.

Empathy-You can never fully understand how someone else is feeling but you can have an awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people. Empathy is not sympathy, empathy goes far beyond sympathy, it is the ability to understand another person’s emotional state so you can imagine what they might be feeling or thinking.

Social Skills–Having good social skills helps you build rapport, manage both personal and business relationships, team working, the ability to persuade, influence and negotiate with others. Before we can have good social skills, we need to start at the beginning by understanding ourselves.

Having the ability to understand who you are and how your emotions impact your decision making when under pressure will have a positive effect in everything you do.

We all feel emotion of some kind constantly throughout the day, whether that is happiness, excitement, fear, anger, sadness, anxiety to name just a few. The art of Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify the emotion when it is happening, knowing why it is happening and then understanding how it affects you and your ability to interact with others.


Idenitfy different emotions that you feel throughout the day, make a note of them, and think about why they happened. Then consider what impact it had on your behaviour?

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