Finding Your Dream Role

The team at Powering Your Potential prides itself on the ability to help clients obtain their dream career, and finding your dream role is an undeniably great feeling.

As a team we are fortunate as we are able to regularly enjoy this feeling alongside our clients. The feedback and testimonials we receive are truly rewarding.

We regularly get calls from clients who have just been told they have secured a role and the excitement in their voice is infectious! Never forget this feeling is what you are after and the passion for what you want to do will mean the result is always worth the hard work involved in the process.

Once you have established the sector, organisation and role you are after, which can sometimes be a lengthy process, don’t let the challenge of the job application deter you from applying. This narrowing down of your choices from a positive differentiation perspective is really vital. You are making a choice about an employer long before they ever get the chance to make a decision about you so don’t leave that down to chance, do your homework on them and check they all align with you, before you apply to be part of them. This research will greatly assist you in the recruitment process.

Once you have found your match, the sometimes lengthy and difficult process will all be worth it in the end, even if you end up just being better prepared for the next opportunity. Remember, the role you seek is out there and if it as good as you hope there will undoubtedly be a great many people who want it too!

It is therefore a competitive environment and knowing how to appeal to your potential employer, whilst also highlighting the true benefits of employing you is a difficult skill in itself to master. The ability to differentiate yourself, stand out from the crowd and make yourself memorable starts in the application process with your covering letter or email, CV or online form and runs right through each potentially gruelling stage. The importance of being attractive and of value is vital, especially in today’s over-saturated job market.

Once you understand how to communicate your value, stand out from the crowd whilst fitting in with the organisation, build rapport, and make yourself memorable, you are on your way to securing the opportunity, going further faster, and realising your potential.

You then just need to develop the skills to answer the questions!


Consider the sector, organisation, or role that you’re after, and then try to think of what you could to to stand out in your chosen field.

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