Fitness Is A Factor

At Powering Your Potential, we are more than aware, and communicate to our clients, that having your life in balance with your mind and body in good shape are important if you are going to achieve your potential.

A healthy body means a healthy mind is a phrase that you will undoubtedly have heard and is part of building that platform for overall success. That doesn’t mean that you have to trainlike an Olympic athlete but it does mean that it is wise to look after yourself and maintain decent physical shape if you are going to perform to your full potential.

Improved physical fitness will help with brain function, memory, alertness, general fatigue, improve your sleep and prevent certain illness. It can also have a positive impact on your self-belief and confidence.

Like a Doctor who smokes, we would lack some integrity in our message for clients if we didn’t try and live the lifestyle we recommend so we try and look after ourselves. As part of Powering your Potential and documenting this aspect of our activity, we have been fortunate that the business has been able to invest in a monthly gym membership for Steve to improve his physical fitness while Andy racks up endless miles on his bike.

You may not be able to do these things but they can easily be replaced by regular walks, exercise at home. We can tell you that getting the opportunity to walk our dogs on a beautiful sunny morning and have them cuddle up snoring while we deservedly watch tv, is something we treasure. If you have a dog and view walks as a chore, we would implore you to try and appreciate that time.

Remember, it is all relative in terms of expense and people’s different perception of need. Byway of example there was an article published on the Duchess of Cambridge and the wellness expenses incurred. You could easily feel these are extravagant, but she is a princess! Whatever you might think from the outside, like everyone else she will face challenges, other than the money, constant scrutiny and spotlight, they will largely be similar to the vast majority of ours around relationships, self doubt, work, children.

Also remember your body doesn’t know if you are doing lunges or push ups in your lounge or the Chelsea Harbour Club!

When it comes to fitness you need to recognise Rome wasn’t built in a day and therefore you need to start slowly with something simple. Changing behaviour is about taking small steps, decision making in line with the overall objective and recognising milestones. It is also about accepting that we don’t live in a perfect world and therefore taking comfort in positive momentum. It is important to know your personality, style of interaction, the impact you can have on others, when you perform at your best and also when your body tells you to take a rest.

We therefore encourage you to just do a little bit more than you currently do and look to build from there.


Set yourself a short term fitness goal which could be as simple as going for a walk twice a week, or could go as far as running a marathon!

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