Goal & Objective Setting

At Powering Your Potential we work with, and help people, at all stages of both the goal or objective setting process, and it is therefore important to firstly overline both the overlap but also the differences between the two.

A goal is an achievable outcome that is typically both broad and long-term. An objective, however defines the specific, measurable actions that must be taken to achieve the overall goal.

Both goals and objectives can contribute to your long-term career progression, and both likely involve you learning new skills to meet your set targets. Knowing the difference between these two terms and how they apply to you can also help boost your career development.

We often work with people who have one or neither of these things in place. There are those who don’t have a goal, or certainly not a goal that stretches them. At the other extreme there are those that have a really stretching goal, but with limited ideas, plan or objectives on how they are going to achieve it!

There are times when it might be fun to be relaxed about where you are headed, but your career and realising your potential is probably not something that should be left to chance. If it is time to bring structure and focus to your next steps then it is a good time to start to set some goals along with, in the short term, some key objectives to get you on the road to achieving them.

Setting goals and objectives can have many benefits, such as providing motivation, guiding your focus and giving you control of your future.


Write a single long term goal and then three objectives that you want to achieve in the next three months that are aligned to that goal.

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