Leadership covers such a range of activities and circumstances; it can either be sought or it can be thrust upon you.

It draws on all your skills and can be done in so many different ways. Leadership success can also be very much a result of time, team or audience.

At Powering Your Potential we have collectively worked both for and with many leaders, some good, some less so, yet we have them all to thank in equal measure. Without both types in reality PYP wouldn’t have been formed!

There are also many different leadership styles with the high level ones being autocratic, where the leader has singular control over all decisions, democratic, where leaders involve their teams in the decision making process and les affaire, where the leadership places trust in their team to make the right decisions and don’t micromanage or get too involved in terms of instructions and guidance.

Every team, company or group of people, regardless of size, industry or activity needs good leadership to be successful. Good leaders are a vital part of effective practices in all areas and for most, being a good leader doesn’t come inherently.

Leading a team successfully is obviously easier said than done and can present challenges along the way. Here at Powering Your Potential we believe that maintaining a positive attitude, being a great listener who communicates effectively and is passionate about the role, will set you on the right track for success. Adopting these core principles will bring significant benefit as you develop your leadership skills.

It is important to remember that as a leader, you directly influence the behaviours of others. You lead by example and therefore need to demonstrate the traits that you want your team, or business to demonstrate. You are looking to drive appropriate behaviours and have people to be open to change and possibilities. There is a real power to this type of positive leadership with research providing compelling evidence that positive leadership behaviours make a difference in productivity, satisfaction, and happiness among teams.

When talking about leadership, focus and intensity, are two words we frequently use to help people when there is a huge amount of opportunity or challenge. The ability to focus your attention and resources on the task in hand and then bring intensity to your activity and the activity of others has the potential to bring amazing results.

If you don’t have a focus for your activity you will end up spreading yourself too thin and achieving very little. If you have focus but no intensity then you will not overcome the challenge ahead of you.


Identify where you lead or have led people and your Leadership style to give you a greater understanding of yourself and impact on others.

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