Make A Change

If you have finally made the decision to leave your current job and start your dream career, you may find your current employer provides a counter offer to convince you to stay.

This can be tempting if your employer is offering more money or other benefits to stop you from leaving, however it is important to remember why you had made the decision to change careers in the first place.

Take your time to consider the offer, the opportunities for growth and the workplace culture, rather than your judgement being clouded by the short-term financial incentives to stay.

If you are worth it now, why weren’t you worth it before you handed in your resignation? Why are they suddenly going to provide you with opportunities for growth and investing in your development?

At Powering Your Potential we see this all the time, despite all the reasons for leaving, the stress of the job hunt and the elation of securing the new opportunity people engage in the discussion, take the money, stay and then quickly realise that nothing has really changed.

I once worked for a great boss. He recognised that people might be interested in hiring me and I would be subject to approaches. He didn’t want me to go and I didn’t want to leave. He encouraged me to talk to the people that approached me and then relay what in their offer was of interest and whether it was something that could be worked into my role. It was a great strategy and worked for both of us. I was approached numerous times and was hugely challenged and quickly developed as a result. By encouraging my development and growth I never had a reason to leave and my growth was recognised and rewarded.

These types of people are out there, the ones that will support you, invest in you and mutually benefit as a result. There are also those who will restrict you, not recognise you and hold you back. A slightly bigger financial reward will not change that.


Write a pros and cons list of the change you want to enable both a hearts and minds decision.

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