Mentor Magic

Having a mentor, be they a friend, teacher, colleague, or an external professional, can be really beneficial when trying to achieve personal goals.

Mentors may be able to offer you that final push or last bit of advice you need to make your new goals a success.

Your mentor can be critical to your career success. They shouldn’t necessarily be your direct boss or even in your direct reporting line but someone who is able to offer valuable advice, perspective and act as a sounding board. The focus of this input being purely on your progression.

Also, having been a successful mentor to numerous people over the years, I can tell you that it is extremely rewarding for both people involved in the relationship, not just the mentee.

It’s great to be asked to be a mentor and to feel you have contributed to somebody else’s growth and success.

Never be afraid toreach out and ask for help, everyone needs a bit of guidance sometimes!


Identify someone to be your mentor or alternatively identify a mentee and make contact.

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