Everyone has some level of organisation, some people are very disciplined in their organisation as they want to feel like they are totally prepared and under control.

Others are less so and are happy to “go with the flow” a little more.

You are reading this it means that you have highlighted that you are likely not as organised as you would like to be as it has scored low on your self assessment. This assessment is actually a first step on improving your organisation skills as simply highlighting it an area of focus for you means it will naturally get more attention going forward.

An organised person is generally described as being able to plan things carefully and keep things tidy, they turn op on time and are prepared for what they are dealing with. They generally know where everything is and can find things quickly and easily.

If you spend your time constantly looking for your keys or your phone then start to put them in a set place so that you know where to find them. Start to have a place for everything and if you can, remove unnecessary clutter from your life.

Some people can have different levels of organisation being very organised in their work life and yet disorganised in their personal life for example. Some people can be superficially neat, tidy and organised, while at the same time have cupboards that are a mess.

The better you organise your daily schedule and tasks the better able to you are able to concentrate on what needs to get done that day instead of being distracted by things around you. Being organised can help you sleep better, especially if you have already planned ahead for tomorrow. Being organised can help you sleep better as you know that what needed to be done has been done. At the same time it also relieves stress as you have less to be playing on your mind or feeling pressured by what needs to be done.

Organisation crosses other a number of other areas of your overall development, from To Do lists, to attention to detail, effectiveness and time management. They all have an element of organisation and need to have attention to them individually. Are you not allowing enough time to prepare or travel which is why you are unprepared or late all the time? Did you forget something important because you didn’t write it down?

Improved organisation is the combination of a number of factors and is a skill which means it can be learned, practiced, and improved.


Write a to-do list for the week and start to prioritise it. The things that come to mind first will likely be your main priorities.

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