People Buy People

At Powering Your Potential we work with so many people who believe that the qualifications they secure will get them the role they desire.

We had a client who came to us after tirelessly searching for a job. They like many believed that a degree will be enough to prove their worth to a business, however it can be demotivating once entering the competitive job market and facing multiple rejections to find that it doesn’t.

It is only when they understand that they simply get you through the door they start to realise you need more than that to be successful. Everyone else that goes through that door has the same qualifications and therefore at that point they count for nothing! They are expected and nobody buys what is expected.

They buy the differences, extras and benefits that you bring as an individual. People buy people and as a result you need to be able to develop your Personal Brand, Communicate and have the Personal Development to enable you to engage your audience.

Together, we worked with this client to realise their potential, thrive in their interviews and enter their dream career.

Everyone is unique, and everyone has their own skills that they can use to help sell themselves. People care about your unique skillsets and what you can bring to the company as an individual!


In the next week read the PYP article “What can you tell me, Ben, that’s going to dazzle me?” then make a list of what you think differentiates you. Contact PYP regarding developing your Personal Value Proposition.

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