Dealing With Procrastination

Why put off until tomorrow when you can start making progress today?

We know that everybody procrastinates occasionally, however did you know that a pattern of procrastination can lead to increased levels of stress, as well as increased mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

We all do it. We have things that we like doing and will focus on and things we don’t like doing and will put off. We can also remind you of something you know, the longer it is on the too difficult pile the more difficult it will become.

The power of the prioritised “To Do” list cannot be underestimated when it comes to preventing procrastination.

At Powering Your Potential we regularly talk to people who are
struggling with all the things they have to do and as a result
are selective and not effective.

Breaking down the bigger tasks into their component parts, establishing the order in which things needed to be done and then knocking a few of them over, quickly builds momentum and improves productivity.

Be disciplined with the prioritisation of what you need to do and then bring focus and intensity to your activity. If you do that you won’t have the time or desire to procrastinate.


Draw up a prioritised to do list.

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