Productivity is the effectiveness of productive effort.

It has been said that mindset is 70% of productivity therefore taking the time to get your mindset and focus on what you want to achieve will dramatically increase productivity.

Productivity is about decision making around what is important and what is not important and then deciding what is of priority or urgent and what quite simply, can wait. If you then focus your time effort and energy on the things that are important then you will be more productive as a result. You can utilise various productivity and prioritisation tools, such as the Eisenhower Box, to help you work through this process.

Productivity and organisation work side by side. It is likely the more organised you are the more productive you are going to be as you are prepared and equipped to perform to your highest level.

Also the more you are able to focus your most important work into your most productive time then again you will use that time more effectively and as a result be more productive. If you are working on the work you want to, when you want and are best equipped to do it then you will be your most productive.

If you have a large task to deal with, break it down into smaller tasks and tick them off as you go. You will feel more productive rather than bogged down and will focus in shorter more intense and effective bursts.

Productivity like everything else needs to be balanced across your whole life it is no use being incredibly productive at work to the detriment of your personal life and vice versa. It is about striking a balance between your personal and work goals, tasks and activity and therefore your To Do list and your prioritisation activity needs to include everything you have to deal with each day.

Increased productivity can bring further benefits, if you are achieving your goals, you will feel you are being productive and as a result will feel happier, rest easier, be less stressed, enjoy improved mental health, the list of benefits goes on.

Increased productivity increasingly demands you manage your time and schedule to allow you to spend your time on the right things. Don’t schedule an hour for something that can be done in half that time. What is the objective you are looking to achieve and what is the quickest way to achieve it.


Draw up a prioritised to-do list with times for completion allocated.

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