Stress Management

Stress is the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them.

It is not just in the workplace that people can feel stressed, it can be a big change taking place in your life, such as a job change, which might be why you are working with PYP!

You could also be subject to family or financial challenges or any combination of these circumstances that individually do not seem significant but collective can apply significant stress.

Stress can manifest itself at various levels, both physically and emotionally, which can also change your behaviour and relationships with others. Be aware of how you are treating and dealing with others or alternatively how they are treating or are dealing with you to identify stress.

Stress should not be mistaken for pressure which can be motivational if it is a time to perform and achieve a goal, in a sporting arena or against a tight deadline. This feeling of heightened pressure can enhance your performance in these situations and can ultimately be very rewarding if the objective is met.

You are reading this as you want to push yourself, you want to improve and you want to step outside your comfort zone. That can give you a “buzz” but at the same time can also introduce some stress into your life. It is important, like so many things, that you have balance in your life, so you push yourself to improve, but not to breaking point. You don’t run before you can walk on this development journey and make a solid platform for progress and success.

It is therefore important to be able to identify that you are feeling stressed, take time out and find a way that works for you to reduce the stress levels you are feeling.

We recommend taking a step back and asking yourself if you feel you are stressed and how it is affecting you. Then look to identify the causes of the stress and then finally start to look at what you can do to change things. Can you reduce your workload, make more time for yourself change your physical activity, eating and sleeping habits.

Stress is something which can occur under repeated or excessive pressure, having to repeatedly perform with no time, resources, or limited information for example.

Stress is a major cause of sickness absence in the workplace and not only affects the individual but as a result of the health impacts can have a ripple effect through their families and on their employer through reduced performance either through productivity, errors and accidents when present.

The focus of PYP, whilst enhancing skills and performance, is also to help people identify when they are feeling or are under stress. The PYP team are not medically trained to provide stress management and there is a great deal of free advice out there on the ways in which to manage stress and this can be a very personal solution for each individual.

If you are feeling unwell and you feel this is as a result of stress then please speak to a Doctor.


Schedule some time to go for a walk, get some fresh air, and forget everything that is going on for an hour. When you come back you will have a clear head and will be energised to tackle the issues you are facing.

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