Success Is Yours Alone

There is a lot of pressure in our society to be 'successful', however the term often becomes associated with having lots of money and a lavish lifestyle.

 We spend our lives desperately comparing ourselves to these expectations, without taking into account our own achievements or what will make ourselves happy.

One of the first things that Powering Your Potential discusses with clients is their definition of success. Everyone has a different definition and with that an individual approach to the priorities, sacrifices or choices they are prepared to achieve it. The journey towards it and the milestones should be enjoyed.

Success is as individual as you are. We were working with someone recently who has been very successful, by traditional measures, but wanted to go the next level. They were increasingly surprised by the fact, their success meant that they now enjoyed the more simple things that they felt they had to sacrifice to be successful!

Instead of comparing yourself to everyone else’s definition, redefine success according to your own goals, hopes and achievements. Look at how far you have come in your career, see this as a success, and continue to chase more on your journey.


Write down a simple list of things that you think would define a successful life for you.

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