This questionnaire is designed to help you benchmark your current position and become aware of your skills, so that you can see how far you have progressed as you undergo your development training.

Remember, this is just for you, so be honest about where you are in these areas as you are only being honest with yourself!

It is vital when you are going through any development process that you understand your start point. The first part of this plan is therefore to identify where you are, the skills and competencies you currently have and areas of development that are required as a result to set you on your career, secure a new role or leadership and management development.

It is therefore important to understand where you feel you currently sit within the areas detailed and therefore provide an indication of where you feel are, out of 10, you rank in the skill areas covered. PYP recommend that you honestly rank your biggest strength first and highest, making the rest of your assessments against this ranking. This assessment process will help you and PYP prioritise and focus your activity so you can make best use of the session and it will then allow you to check your progress as you develop your skills, confidence and capability.

Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours

By completing this initial development questionnaire, you will have a better understanding of your knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses and where you need to focus your personal development. The areas that are going to be covered during your discussions.

It is then, key, that you start and continue to practice and hone your skills in all the areas covered. Turning the knowledge you have been given into skills that you can use is a vital part of you achieving your success. Finally once you have done this you need to ensure that the actions and activities you begin to exhibit naturally become part of your demonstrated behaviours.

By following this knowledge, skills and behaviours learning process it will further enable you to quickly progress towards your goals.