Triangle of

Powering Your Potential – A Proven Methodology for Personal and Business Growth

Powering Your Potential is built upon the years of experience, expertise and innovation in landing their message that Andy and Steve have.

Understanding the fact that their combination is as unique as the
people they work with, in PYP there is a proven development process, built around a simple methodology, focused on three key areas which come together in what PYP call the “Triangle of Potential”.

The Triangle of Potential

By focusing on three core areas Communication Skills, Personal Branding and Personal Development PYP help the people and businesses we work with build the confidence and self belief to face their Challenges, pursue Opportunities and Grow.

Whilst these are distinct independent areas that can be worked on, they are all inter related and connected to each other. You cannot have a great brand if you cannot communicate it, there is no benefit of being a great communicator unless you have something to say and there is also no value to having both these things, if you are unable to land your message to your world and chosen audience.

The “Triangle of Potential” is the area where these three areas overlap and the area where the powerful combination, comes together to truly realise the individual or business potential.


Why are people not
hearing your message?


What do you want
people to think of you?


How broad a view of the
world do you have?

Giving you the power to reach your potential.